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Step by step to Send Gmail from OpenERP

The main steps to send email from openERP throught gmail:
  1. You have had gmail account 
  2. Install email_template module in your openERP
  3. Create and configure email account
  4. Try to send email to your friend :)

You have had gmail account. You can register in mail.google.com

Install email_template module throught Administration --> Modules --> Update Module List.
After you installed it, you would find Tools menu.

Create and configure email account. Go to Tools --> Configuration --> Email Template --> Email Account  then create new account.

Configure Server Information,
Server : smtp.googlemail.com
SMPT port : 587 or 25
TLS : checked
After that try to test outgoing connection. In my experience, my testing got the result "WARNING" but without messages. It is indication that you are success even you get result "WARNING". But if you got result "WARNING" and some message there, you just try to make sure your configuration like above and don't forget to try combination between port 587 and 25.

Then configure user Information,
from email : fill with your gmail
password : your gmail password
user name : your username that you want
related user : choose your user login.
Don't forget to approve your account then.

Try to send email to your friend :)

Go to Tools --> Email Template --> Emails and the create new email to sent.

Fill the form like you send an email just like usual. The important things you have to do is choose user account. Go to tab advanced d then choose user account that you have configured before. See the picture below.

After that, go to tab Standard body again and click Send Mail button.

Tell to your friend that you've sent an email and see what the miracle! :D
Good Luck

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